Teamwork Skills

In the Spring of 2019, I completed a semester-long group project in my Marketing course. In a team of three students, we were tasked with creating an in-depth product journal on a consumer brand of our choosing. In this product journal, we had to combine the knowledge we gained throughout our semester in class with our own group research to thoroughly analyze the marketing strategies of the specific brand of our choosing. In our case, we chose Oreo as our brand to analyze.

Additionally, using our collective body of work and knowledge gained on our specific product throughout the semester, we were tasked with creating a full report summarizing the important findings, market conditions, positioning, competition, etc. that best described where our product stood in its category. To achieve this, we performed a full SWOT analysis on the brand and based our analysis and findings on that. Truly, this group paper was not just a summary of the semester-long product journal we put together as a team. Rather, it served as a critical analysis of everything we learned about our product and its overall brand.

Undoubtedly, my teamwork skills improved tremendously throughout my time working on this project.  In fact, I would argue that teamwork was one of the most important factors in the success of our product journal.  Each week, my team members and I needed to divvy up various tasks and communicate effectively with each other throughout every step of the process.  For this reason, I would also say that this project prepared me well for aspects of my professional life in my future career after Muhlenberg.  Regardless of my career path, I am certain that I will always need to work with and communicate effectively with other people on a team to some extent.  With that being said, I found very much value in the assignment of this product journal.

See our full product journal and group summary paper below.