Career Plan

Ever since I was a young girl, I have always considered myself to be a natural born leader.  For as long as I can remember, I was never one to follow anybody around. I was always blazing my own trail.  From what my parents tell me, I never cared much of anything about what my friends and peers at school were doing.  Now that I am a young woman working to move up in this world, those unique traits that I carried as a little girl have now served me in ways I would have considered unimaginable back then as a youngin.

Growing up, I always knew I would need to be an entrepreneur.  The idea of working under somebody or under the surveillance of a boss-like figure never sat well with me.  As a girl who fully marches to the beat of her own drum, I knew I would need to take control of my own life and start something of my own to make a career for myself- something that I could call mine.  I also knew very well that I would not be able to settle for a desk job, being the social butterfly that I am and that I will continue to be for the rest of my days.  I am undoubtedly a social animal, so I knew with absolute certainty that would need a career that allowed me to communicate with people on a deeper level than most. Also equally as important, I knew that I needed to be doing something to help people no matter what.  Genuinely, I believe that the happiest people in this world are those who are doing good for the world and doing something that they believe in wholeheartedly while simultaneously doing well personally and financially for themselves and all the people that they care about in their lives.  I knew that this was the lifestyle I had to create for myself. For me, this is where the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network came into my life and handed me the opportunity of a lifetime.

I worked as an administrative assistant at a local Northwestern Mutual office in my hometown throughout my years as a high school student.  By doing this, I had exposure to some of the top-producing financial advisors in the entire country. I had the greatest opportunity of seeing exactly what benefits and freedoms that running your own personal financial planning practice through Northwestern Mutual can provide.  I knew that this would eventually be the perfect career for me, so I have been taking all necessary measures since then to get myself to exactly where I want to be, doing everything I can to set myself up for a long and successful career in the industry with Northwestern Mutual.  As soon as I turned eighteen years old, I began to study for my insurance licenses. Soon after, I found myself fully licensed to sell life insurance, disability insurance, long term care, and annuities in various states including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and more. I began my career as a College Financial Representative this past May of 2019, and I have been diligently working to educate myself and create my ideal client base since then.

The beauty of this position is that I am considered an independent contractor working with Northwestern Mutual’s network.  For me, this means that I am not an employee in any sense. I work for nobody but my clients, which means I answer to nobody but my clients.  I run my business exactly the way I want to. I work when I want, where I want, and with who I want. This is something that excites me greatly.  Another great aspect of my career is that I work for commissions only. I recognize that for many, this can be a scary concept. However, I see it as a golden opportunity to work as hard as I can and have tons of financial success while simultaneously helping countless people understand their finances and plan for the future.  And on top of all of this, I have complete job security forever. This is truly the perfect career for an individual like myself.

The next steps from here are simple.  For now, I am focused on getting educated, gaining further accreditation, and building my practice using sustainable methods that I can lean on for the rest of my career.  Of course, I must keep my grades up and receive my college degree. In the meantime, I have worked diligently to pass all of the licensing exams necessary to kick-start my career. This includes the Life and Health Insurance Licensing Exams, the Securities Industry Essential Exam (SIE), the Series 6, and the Series 63.  Although incredibly time-consuming and challenging to juggle with school, I managed to study for and pass all five of these exams on the first try. Now that I have all of these necessary licensing exams under my belt, I am able to focus on continuing my education for further designations, such as the CFP, while building my practice and a strong client base at the same time.  In June of 2021, I will sign a full time contract with Northwestern Mutual and receive a $6,000 sign-on bonus. With this money and the foundation I have laid out for myself and my career already, I will have all the necessary resources to hit the ground running as soon as I sign the contract and start my first full time year in the business. As I progress in my career, I plan on gaining even more accreditation.  This will include obtaining my CFP, CLU, CHFC, RICP, and CASL all throughout my career at Northwestern Mutual. Each certification takes a different amount of time and preparation, so I plan on looking to the senior advisors in my professional network for guidance with when and how to most effectively study for each. With good time management, these are very feasible goals to run towards.

In order to continue building my practice, I also need to continue branding myself on social media and in public as a professional.  I already have a professional headshot and business cards, and I will continue to promote myself and my various achievements online with the use of social media.  By promoting my brand, I am able to do a ton of prospecting on and off of the internet. In order to continue to grow my practice, I need to be introduced to about 20 new qualified potential clients each month.  To do this, I must carry myself as a professional and continue to ask for referrals everywhere I go. This is something that I really enjoy doing in order to further develop my network. Prospecting is also very easy when you are absolutely certain of the value that you add to the lives of your clients.  In this business, conviction is key. I am so lucky to do something that I am so deeply passionate about, and I am very excited to work hard and see where the next 5, 10, 15+ years of my career take me!